Infinite Crisis: A Eulogy of Sorts

Well, it finally happened right out of the blue. My favorite MOBA, Infinite Crisis, is closing down in two and a half months. August 14th, to be exact. I’d rant and bitch about how I don’t think this is happening, but let me tell you that I’ve already gone through the stages of death yesterday.

I jumped on Facebook yesterday morning as part of my usual morning routine when I got the news from my Infinite Crisis Facebook group: the game has officially announced that it is closing. I read the posts by the developers and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This couldn’t happen! Infinite Crisis was fun! I loved it more than League of Legends! It can’t be closing down now! Try as I might to deny it, the truth was still there. I’d like to give a “eulogy” about the game (even though the servers won’t be closed until August).

I first heard about the game when it was announced on Facebook roughly three years ago. I immediately loved the idea of being able to slug it out with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern…everybody I could imagine out of DC comics! I kept careful watch on the game, like when it would be available to play. In fact, I could still remember the excitement I felt when Turbine, Inc. announced that the game would be going to closed beta in May of 2013. By this point I had already signed up for a beta key to get in.

The first week went by and a full round of keys were sent out. I felt a little bummed that I didn’t get one, but I was still hopeful that I would get in. The second week rolled around and I decided to check my email for any major updates. Imagine my surprise when I discovered an email from Turbine…with a beta key! I got in! I submitted my code and got into the game. I still remember how pumped up I was back then. I met several players and immediately the popular guys started emerging on the forums, keeping in almost constant contact with the developers on behalf of the rest of us.

As the months went by, more heroes and villains were added to the game. Of course, no game is perfect, and Infinite Crisis showed early signs of struggle, since most everybody was (and still is, more or less) addicted to League of Legends like a friggin’ drug. During one particular period in the summer of 2014, Turbine announced that they would cease production on new characters while they sorted out balancing. To be honest, I believe this might have started the road to its demise. A lot of long-time players, many of who were there since the start, jumped ship. At this point for me, the updates to game made it practically unplayable on my laptop (the very same from which I’ve written all of my posts so far), whereas in the beginning I could run the game with fairly high graphics. Thus, I couldn’t actively play the game, but I could still keep up with updates and changes. After the September update, I could finally run the game decently, although the graphics weren’t running as clean as they were before. More champions were coming out and it really seemed like the game was taking off. With the full release of the game coming up in March, I was really getting into the game, pulling more and more away from League of Legends. Thus, Infinite Crisis became my go-to MOBA.

In March of this year, the game went full release, after the closed and open beta stages. I even had invested $100 into the game for the Elite Founder pack, which came with exclusive stuff and early access to Gotham Divided at the time. I even went through the stage when Coast City Marina was disabled while Gotham Divided and Heights were the main maps to play on. With the relaunch of Coast City after the full release, players were coming back. For a while, it seemed like Infinite Crisis would really take off. Ranked queues were even included in May, allowing the player base to start racing each other up the ladder. The only thing was, by this time there was only one map to regularly play on: Coast City Marina. Sure you could still play on the Gotham Maps but it had to be a custom-made game. Understandably, the relatively small player base made it so that queue times would be cut down to allow more games to happen.

Unfortunately, this also was the time that a lot of new players were coming over from League of Legends. Now, League is currently infamous for its community and anyone who’s played a PvP game knows just how toxic that community in general is. Needless to say, the player base for Infinite Crisis was dwindling, unbeknownst to many people. I think its largely because people weren’t seeing the characters they wanted to be released (such as Deadshot, Deathstroke, and others) and, throwing hissy fits on Facebook, ended up walking away.

With the announcement yesterday morning, the final nail was hammered into the coffin. I had made so many memories with Infinite Crisis, almost all of them good. I simply couldn’t bring myself to log into the game again to continue playing, as, personally, it would’ve been too painful. It was just like City of Heroes/Villains all over again: a game I was really into was going down within a few months. I couldn’t go through the emotional pain again like I did with CoX. With a heavy heart, I made the decision to remove Infinite Crisis from my Steam library. In essence, I buried the game on my end.

All in all, I don’t think any MOBA will give me quite the enjoyment that Infinite Crisis did. It also helped me find some new friends along the way via the Facebook group. Here I could geek out with other comic book fans who were just as into the game as I was, but I digress.

From The Scaly Burrow, this is AdderTude, the Serpent of Cyberspace. Infinite Crisis, I salute thee.

“It’s not over yet!” – Atomic Green Lantern


Voice Acting and Stuff: An Update

Heya readers!

I caught a lucky break by withdrawing from school for the semester so I avoided flunking out. I’ve also got voice acting training underway so if I can really get my career off to a start, I may decide to just drop out of college altogether. I’ve also got my summer job back (working retail at a world-famous theme park) so that’s another plus for the moment.

I just recently bought Mini Metro from Steam just completely on a whim. Needless to say, after roughly half an hour of just getting thrown right into the game, I gotta say I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve also got other games going, as well. Nothing really big, just the usual stuff that I’ve stated a month ago (mainly Infinite Crisis). That’s the quick update for right now and as always, keep slithering!

In Hibernation, Temporarily, But Not Gone

Hey, readers!

Apologies for not posting anything new in the last month. I’ve been incredibly busy with gaming and some personal matters. So, in short, I’m hibernating in regards to posts but only until I can get several things sorted out. I’ve got a free voice acting course in Irvine coming up on May 6th that I’m really looking forward to, and I’m also revisiting some game in my library I haven’t played in ages (namely The Sims 3). I will be back on track when I have stuff in order. ‘Til then, I’m still gaming as always. You’ll find me on Infinite Crisis (now playable through Steam) and sometimes on League of Legends from time to time. Otherwise, I’m offline managing a growing Sim family.

AdderTude out!

New Year, New Semester

I’m about to head off to school in several hours. I actually haven’t finished packing everything yet, as I wanted to take care of some last few things before turning off my laptop. This past year has been alright. A lot of titles, both great and crappy, came out and I got to play some of them. I figured I wanted to share my thoughts about the stuff I play so I created this blog back in July about gaming and other crap that I have in my head at the time I make a new post.

In the end, I’m glad I started this because it gives me something to do as kind of a new hobby while I’m pursuing my degree in Communication (with a Theater Arts minor). I wish you, reader(s), all the best in this coming year of 2015 and keep gaming. And if you encounter me online, feel free to comment about my blog, or just simply add me as a friend. I can be found in the following:

– League of Legends


– Heroes of Newerth

– Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2 to the rest of you)

– Diablo III ( ID is NorseNinja)

Infinite Crisis

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: Infinite Crisis had its plug pulled. Servers close on August 14th.

Infinite Crisis Got an Overhaul

I’ve been keeping watch on Turbine, Inc. ever since they announced that they would be teaming up with WB to bring us a superhero-themed MOBA.  When I discovered that Infinite Crisis would be a reality, I signed up for the closed beta and sure enough, I was sent an access key the second week they went public with the closed beta (I refer to us players by week, thus I am a Second Wave-er).

Earlier this summer, they announced that they would cease producing more content until this month’s update, a wait of roughly three months.  Understandably, it put off a lot of players, common and professional alike (as I mentioned in my first post).  As of last week, the September update has gone live and the overhaul the game has received has been well worth the wait.  Not only has Turbine improved the game optimization for lower-spec computers (including a graphic update), but they’ve also vastly improved the game’s tutorial and given players a great incentive to play through the tutorial in its entirety.  The basic tutorial is divided into three parts, along with the addition of a new 1v1 practice map (Crime Alley, where Batman’s parents were gunned down by Joe Chill) and co-op games versus bots on Gotham Heights (League of Legends‘ counterpart for the Dominion game mode) and Gotham Divided (the classic three-lane map, but horizontally oriented instead of diagonally).  Finishing the entire tutorial, along with playing every co-op map once will let new players unlock six champions for free.  In my opinion, that’s a better deal than just throwing you into the game until you can permanently unlock one’s first champion with in-game currency (ring a bell, League players?).

I still have some issues with balancing (I don’t care what anyone says, Atomic Poison Ivy is vastly overpowered), but otherwise, the game has come a long way since closed beta, especially since this update came with two new champions from alternate universes, Nightmare Robin (Assassin) and Atomic Joker (Marksman).  The game plays similar to League of Legends, but this is with heroes and villains from DC Comics.  Sign up and play for free with my referral and feel free to add me as a friend in-game.

A Cold-Blooded Welcome and Infinite Crisis Woes

First off I want to say that this blog is just a jumble of thoughts and other crap about games across the ages that I’ve played or heard about.  As such, I want to welcome you, the reader, to the Scaly Burrow.  Mainly, the stuff I write about is just what I think regarding certain games that I’ve been (luckily) able to get my hands on, mainly through Steam (because VALVe is an awesome company).

I’ll be writing reviews and previews about some upcoming games (I won’t be covering all of them…sorry, but I’m not looking to go pro with gaming news, that’s what major sites like IGN are for 😀 ) as well as mainly opinionated posts about industry news and games I’ve recently played.  Thus far my preview ratings are Hide (as in Hide Under a Rock), Use Caution, and Bask (in the Light).  My review ratings go on the usual 1-10 scale, but I’ve also given them some appropriate labels that I’ll reveal in a later post.


And now to some fairly recent news.


I decided to go poking around the forums on a MOBA I’ve been with since the very beginning of the closed beta (Infinite Crisis…think League of Legends with DC Comics characters), and I stopped by the Announcements page.  Evidently, the development team at Turbine (same company behind Asheron’s Call and Lord of the Rings Online) has decided to not release any new champions for the next two months, focusing instead on patches and balancing, along with an updated UI.

The response to this news has been overwhelmingly negative.  Evidently, as pointed out on the forums by pro player Chris “Supreme” Beam of Kelevra Gaming’s Syndicate team, the game’s been on a decline due to the overall clunkiness of the game.  The champion releases have been going one at a time for the last few months at an interval of roughly six weeks apart, almost all of the pro teams have backed out of the competitive scene, and it seems like the lack of interest has driven many players back to the more popular MOBAs that are dominating the industry.  This is especially the case for Defense of the Ancients 2, which is currently in the middle of The International, VALVe’s World Championship event held in Seattle, WA, for their globally known title.

Personally, I haven’t been able to play IC at all in the past few months and I’ll explain why.  In the beginning, the game’s build was totally fine on my laptop.  I could run the game on good graphics with the rare hiccup in connectivity.  Now, after all the updates (so far), that I’ve downloaded, I’m forced to resort to dropping the graphics level all the way down to keep the game’s choppiness under control.  I don’t really care too much about the state of the game right now because I’m not able to play it as much as I want to, but in spite of all the fire the dev team is taking from the general player community, taking a breather for two months (as far as champion development goes) is at best a crap shoot, and a total flop at worst.  I love IC, especially after naming Atomic Green Lantern my favorite champion to play as (Green Lantern is my all-time favorite superhero), so if the game does go permanently under, it probably will leave a hole in my gaming heart, much like what happened to my favorite superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes.  The difference here, if it happens, will be that CoH was forced to close by the publisher (I still think it was because they wanted to rush Guild Wars II out the door), whereas IC may shut down due to a failing player base.  I certainly hope the latter won’t be the case over the next two months, but we’ll see what happens.