Merry Christmas!!

As the holiday season moves forward, I want to take the time and acknowledge any and all readers that have stopped by to read whatever I’ve got going on. Lately I’ve been really busy with work (two part-time jobs, one at a theme park and the other at GameStop) and getting ready to head back to school in January. I’m pretty stoked because I got a Pell grant again, this time the amount covering both tuition and rent for my apartment for the semester (I’m 95% sure). The only barrier I have left is getting into the classes I’m on the wait list for.

Starting the blog back in the middle of the summer was an idea I had partially out of boredom. However, since then I’ve found that putting time and effort into the posts I’ve written has given me a channel with which to use my geekiness as a gamer. And looking back at all the reviews I’ve done, I realized they’re all mostly for indie games. Granted I play what I can, the more popular titles (mainly the AAA ones) tax my laptop fairly heavily in terms of performance. I really need a better laptop. Whenever I’m not playing games in my desktop library or on Steam, you can usually find me on League of Legends (under the same name: AdderTude).

So thanks again for putting up with all the stuff I’ve been getting out the door whenever I can and as always, I’ll keep on slithering through the internet. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Festivus for the rest of ya!