Fun with Farming

Work has really been busy lately, what with the upcoming summer season and things starting to pick up again. That and I’ve largely been slacking off partially due to a lack of readers for this blog.

Recently, with my increase in hours and also overall pay, I’ve made several acquisitions on Steam, most recently Stardew Valley. I’ve seen people talk about it and I haven’t tried it out for myself until this past weekend. Holy crap, is it fun!

Stardew Valley plays in the same manner as the Harvest Moon franchise but also goes a lot deeper than the N64 version I played long ago on an emulator. Needless to say I’m really wrapped up in progressing with my character. The game’s endless but it’s also incredibly fun, as it’s set in a magical region.

That all for this quick update, but I’m letting you know that I’m not gone yet.