Deadbreed Gets Buried…Permanently

Well, it finally happened. After three years of development, the creepy-themed MOBA known as Deadbreed has finally announced that the game will be going down at the end of this month. Anders, Stefan, and Greger, the three-man team developing Deadbreed, made the statement official in a Steam announcement, with servers going offline on January 31st.

By the lack of a strong player base, a crap ton of bugs, and other issues, I’d have to say that this game was not gonna last long, especially since most MOBA players would rather stay with the popular titles (e.g. League of Legends [ugh], DotA 2, Heroes of the Storm, or SMITE). I mean, an especially innovative MOBA I’ve played was Infinite Crisis, but I always got the same excuse when I was actively campaigning for that game: “I’d rather stick with League [of Legends].” Don’t get me wrong, Deadbreed had some good stuff going for it, but there was simply too few players actively involved to keep it alive for very long.

With Deadbreed gone, the next MOBA currently in development is the beautiful TPS from Epic Games: Paragon. That will be a post for another day.


Supernova in Open Beta, Deadbreed Still Six Feet Under

At the time of writing, Supernova (Bandai Namco‘s sci-fi MOBA/RTS) has gone to open beta for the last month or so, while creepy, Gothic horror game Deadbreed is still floundering in its grave. The last time I played, the one surefire way to get a match is to add people from the leaderboards to your friends list. Now, don’t get me wrong, Deadbreed is a great idea and all, but the lack of marketing and a number of inconsistent animations in the game (among other bugs) keeps Deadbreed’s community at a very small number of players.

Meanwhile, the latest update to Supernova saw the addition of a new pet-based Commander. I really want to get a new computer with a much better GPU in order to play more often. As far as bugs go, a personal one sees the map texture disappear when I play more than one game in the same sitting (therefore, as a precaution, I quit and relaunch the game after every match). Supernova, to me, is a great idea, and I wish more people could play the game, if they weren’t so attached to the Big Two (I mean League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2).


Slither on, guys.