Hell Comes Back to Mars

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year, id Software has revealed that they are rebooting one of their most popular shooters of all time. I speak, of course, of DOOM. Last we saw of demons invading a facility on the red planet of Mars, it was a horror-type shooter, a departure from the run-and-gun style gameplay that made the first game so popular. DOOM 3 was given a lukewarm reception at best, with some players liking the creepy, scare-inducing environment. This time around, id is going right back to basics.

On top of an already awesome-looking arsenal (including the double-barreled “super shotgun” and fan-favorite chainsaw), the revelation of user-created content got the audience excited about what that feature entails. id’s new Snapmap feature will allow players to create their own maps and environments along with new spawn logic and even entire game modes. Players that don’t like the new dynamic health drops in the new campaign (similar to Diablo III‘s health globes) can go right back to the classic style by creating health and armor pickups within Snapmap just like how it was in the original game.

There will be new features in the campaign. Some locked doors can only be opened by a security panel, locked with a biometric reader. The new Doom Guy, obviously, doesn’t have immediate clearance, so players will have to use a bit of investigation to figure out how to unlock the door, which usually entails finding a dead soldier and ripping off his arm to bring to the bio scanner.

id has also confirmed that Hell will be part of the campaign as well, with a certain green gun making a cameo appearance right at the end of the presentation (they cut the video right before it fired…such teases!). Take a look at their E3 presentation here. DOOM is slated to come out sometime next year (2016) with Bethesda Softworks as id’s new publisher.

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