Hell Comes Back to Mars

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) earlier this year, id Software has revealed that they are rebooting one of their most popular shooters of all time. I speak, of course, of DOOM. Last we saw of demons invading a facility on the red planet of Mars, it was a horror-type shooter, a departure from the run-and-gun style gameplay that made the first game so popular. DOOM 3 was given a lukewarm reception at best, with some players liking the creepy, scare-inducing environment. This time around, id is going right back to basics.

On top of an already awesome-looking arsenal (including the double-barreled “super shotgun” and fan-favorite chainsaw), the revelation of user-created content got the audience excited about what that feature entails. id’s new Snapmap feature will allow players to create their own maps and environments along with new spawn logic and even entire game modes. Players that don’t like the new dynamic health drops in the new campaign (similar to Diablo III‘s health globes) can go right back to the classic style by creating health and armor pickups within Snapmap just like how it was in the original game.

There will be new features in the campaign. Some locked doors can only be opened by a security panel, locked with a biometric reader. The new Doom Guy, obviously, doesn’t have immediate clearance, so players will have to use a bit of investigation to figure out how to unlock the door, which usually entails finding a dead soldier and ripping off his arm to bring to the bio scanner.

id has also confirmed that Hell will be part of the campaign as well, with a certain green gun making a cameo appearance right at the end of the presentation (they cut the video right before it fired…such teases!). Take a look at their E3 presentation here. DOOM is slated to come out sometime next year (2016) with Bethesda Softworks as id’s new publisher.


Supernova: A MOBA with An Army

I haven’t posted anything in over a month, and yes, I only blame myself for that. I guess you could say that nothing was really coming to mind on what to write about. Recently, though, I have some awesome news.

I heard about a new sci-fi MOBA that’s currently under development and I decided to look further into it. The game is called Supernova, and it is being developed by Primal Game Studios with Bandai Namco as publisher. The game just launched their second closed beta on Monday this week, and I just got invited to play a couple days ago. So far, I’m enjoying it more than League of Legends by Riot Games. Truth be told, I haven’t had this much fun since I played Infinite Crisis by Turbine, Inc. (which, by the way, is still my top favorite MOBA and I miss playing it).

Imagine, if you will, a MOBA where you not only play as one of several characters (dubbed Commanders in the game), but you’re also assigned a lane to which your squad will spawn and advance. Each lane begins with two units of basic troops, but periodically you gain resources with which to upgrade and build your army. There are two factions to use, Cyborgs and Humans (I’m using the latter faction), each with their own unique units. Supply is capped at forty (40) to begin with, but your resource usage doesn’t stop there. As you level up with one or both factions, you can unlock more and more stuff to use in the game, such as more upgrade tiers for your army, better tech with which to equip your unit types, or even an automatic increase to your supply cap (goes up to forty-five [45] at level ten). Each game also gives you randomly generated resources that you can use to craft better equipment for your Commander’s loadout prior to locking in before each match. It’s a great blend of MOBA with RTS. Not only do you build your army in the lane, you can also adapt to your opponent’s army by selling off units and adjusting accordingly.

The recall feature is pretty cool, as well. When using the human faction, a personal dropship flies to an area that you mark and picks up your Commander before flying them back to base to heal. While in base or on the dropship, you can use attribute and proficiency points to upgrade your Commander, similar to items in other games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2). Each player also can use a deployment feature that works opposite to evacuation (sort of like a Homecoming Stone/Town Portal Scroll, or the Teleport Summoner Spell) except deployment is a global ability, provided that the area has been revealed first. Your dropship flies you to the area you mark anywhere on the map. I haven’t used the Cyborg faction yet, so I don’t know what that entails but from what I’ve seen, their version involves personal teleportation.

Supernova is a great MOBA-RTS that I recommend playing. Sign up for the beta here and I may see you on the battlefield. After I explore the game some more, be on the lookout for an official preview down the road. Slither on, readers.