PREVIEW: Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

maxresdefaultDo you like chess? Do you like Warhammer 40,000? If you said yes to either of these questions, I have the game just for you coming from Hammerfall Publishing. By recommendation by one of my friends from college, Games Workshop has licensed out their hit sci-fi tabletop miniatures game by blending it with the classic turn-based strategy game of chess. In Warhammer 40,000: Regicide, you play as a battlefield commander with a small squad to dominate your opponent on the battlefield. As chess is typically a two-player game, so is Regicide in this case. As there is still more content coming for the game, for now the latest update has given us the first chapter of the campaign.

The campaign, so far, follows the Blood Angels chapter of Space Marines as they investigate a distress signal on one of their planets. Come to find out, it was a trap set by the Orks, led by a local Warboss, while he uses his weirdboy (an Ork with powerful, but undisciplined psychic powers) as a decoy for the Blood Angels. The Blood Angels’ Librarian, Baldessar, corners the weirdboy before he can teleport away. I haven’t gone all the way through the campaign so far, but for the amount of the story I have seen, it only adds more to the overall lore of the Warhammer 40k universe. I’m looking forward to what else happens during the story, along with the addition of more chapters and factions (such as the Eldar, Tau, and Tyranids; these would be awesome to play with in the game).

In “Regicide” mode, the game proceeds like a typical miniatures game but with the addition of chess rules. Each player has two phases, movement and initiative. Every turn, a player generates three initiative points (up to an initial maximum of five with unit abilities enabling the player to increase the cap) to use during the second phase. In the movement phase, the game proceeds like a normal chess game, with the player moving one chess piece. In the initiative phase, however, the tabletop rules take over. The moving player spends initiative to attack or use abilities in trying to weaken and eventually kill their opponent’s pieces. The algorithms of the game take care of the numbers (rolling for attack and dealing damage appropriately). The ranks of each type of unit are as follows:

  • King – Captain (Space Marine), Warboss (Ork)
  • Queen – Librarian (Space Marine), Weirdboy (Ork)
  • Rook – Terminator (Space Marine), Meganobz (Ork)
  • Bishop – Devastator (Space Marine), Loota (Ork)
  • Knight – Assault Marine (Space Marine), Stormboyz (Ork)
  • Pawn – Tactical Marine (Space Marine), Shoota Boyz (Ork)

This takes chess to a whole new level as tabletop combat rules are also brought into play when you go into “Regicide” mode. Of course, if you want to play just the vanilla game of chess with the themed pieces, Hammerfall already has you covered with the “Classic” mode. Versions of the game for iOS and Android are currently still in development but for now, Warhammer 40,000: Regicide runs for $13.99 in Early Access only on Steam.

Preview Advice: Bask In It

— Classic infantry units from the Warhammer 40k universe | — Playable in standard Classic or new tabletop Regicide modes | — Lots of content still to come | — Playable against AI or head-to-head online or offline | — Customizable player abilities in Regicide mode


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