RETRO REVIEW 2/3: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 (Soviet)

Soviets16x12_Red_Alert_3_3632Okay, part two of this three-part review for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, this time with the Soviet Union. As the game’s intro showed, Anatoly Cherdenko (played by Tim Curry) used a time machine to erase [REDACTED] from existence, thereby creating a new timeline, one in which the Soviets flourished rather than disbanded. Additionally, without theories on nuclear fission, nuclear weapons are never created and history takes a different turn. You can see my previous review for a summary on the Allied campaign and their perspective.

In this campaign, you are the newly appointed Commander of Soviet forces by Premier Cherdenko, much to the dismay of General Krukov. After a few test battles where you defend Moscow from invading Allied forces, Cherdenko send you on a counter-offensive against the Allies, first securing the Soviet shipyards at Vladivostok from the Empire. After a successful campaign against the Allies, including the capture of a top-secret lab, Cherdenko is supposedly attacked, and reveals the supposed traitor as General Krukov during one of your battles against the Allies. After killing Krukov, you are sent to assassinate the Emperor of the Rising Sun in an offensive move on Mount Fuji. When this is done, Cherdenko sends you to Easter Island to plan an ambush for the Allied emissary under a false pretense of ceasefire. After everything you’ve done for him, he tells you that your services are no longer necessary, as he claims you know too much and are, therefore, a threat to his reign. You are forced to rally your troops and destroy Cherdenko’s volcano fortress, along with his new weapon, the Vacuum Imploder (never got to see it in action, as I destroyed it before it fired). Dasha, your comms officer, tells you that Cherdenko faked his own assassination attempt in order to blame Krukov and remove him from the picture. She also speculates that Cherdenko is responsible for Dr. Zelinsky’s disappearance after your offensive on Mount Fuji (Zelinsky, played by Peter Stormare, tried to warn you that they messed with the timeline in the first place and everything is not as it should be, feeling guilt for how the world turned out). With Cherdenko gone, you turn your attention to winning the war by destroying the global symbol of capitalism and the Allied nations: The Statue of Liberty. Succeeding, the campaign ends with Dasha congratulating you as the new Soviet Premier as your statue is erected in place of Lady Liberty, and you step out onto a balcony from the Kremlin (I assume) to address the people assembled in the square.

I still have one more campaign to work through (Empire of the Rising Sun) before laying down a final, overall review of the gameplay between the three factions. We’re getting there! Slither on, my friends.


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