Steam Summer Sale Ends…Time For Moar Gaems!

So the Steam Summer Sale has ended this past weekend and I got a sweet deal on several games that I bought all for under twenty green. They are the Bridge Constructor series (includes Bridge Constructor, Bridge Constructor Medieval, and Bridge Constructor Playground), Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (which I finished, by the way, so a retro review might happen soon), and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Bridge Constructor is a bit tricky, as it’s a physics-based puzzle game, and I’m currently working through the Allied campaign for C&C, so I’ll do a retro review for each faction as I finish them.

I also just bought a new indie game on sale that uses full FMV (full motion video, basically scenes that use real actors instead of models or sprites) that tells a mystery surrounding an English woman as she’s interviewed by the police about her husband’s death. There’s close to three hundred (300) clips of her seven interviews. As you go through each one via a search box through an archive, there is an interesting twist which I will cover in a future review when I complete the game.

So far, that’s all for now. I’m fairly busy outside of the Burrow with work (I transferred to a new feature at the park after working in one of the shops for the past few years) and voice over training, which is now happening on Wednesday nights instead of Tuesday. Slither on, my friends.

AdderTude out!


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