Jeopardy! Fail

So I was watching old sketches of Animaniacs on YouTube, particularly the sketch involving Miss Flamiel playing Jeopardy! with the Warners. When Wacko (Jess Harnell) picks “United States” for $500, he gets a Daily Double with the clue “All fifty States and their capitals.” He then proceeds to sing every single one. At the conclusion of the song, he ends up getting it wrong because he didn’t structure it in the form of a question. 😀

Then I look at the comments and this one fool says that you can’t answer a question with a question, and that the sketch was stupid. A number of users, myself included, tried to explain as basically as possible how Jeopardy! works and yet the original commenter keeps insisting that the premise is stupid, so I proceeded to ask why. His response, verbatim, was the following: “because if your [sic] going to ask a question they can’t already know the answer.”


Anyone who knows Jeopardy! knows that the setup of the show is reverse trivia: the answer is given and the contestants have to give the correct question. How stupid do you have to be to not grasp such a simple (and brilliant) concept?! I can only sum this up with a simple image:

Idiots Meme

I got a couple more games (Stranded Deep and CONSORTIUM), so it’ll be a while before I roll out a new review (or preview in the case of some games in Early Access). In the meantime, keep it cool, readers.


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