Busy Work, “AngryJoe” Vargas, and Scandal Suffix Overuse

To begin, school’s been keeping me busy with stuff, so I haven’t been able to really work on any reviews or anything else, really. I did, however, add a new blog to my account which is for a class I’m taking (it’s about my personal thoughts on marriage and family but that’s besides the point). Beyond that, I really haven’t found time to do much else beyond homework and gaming. That and earlier this week, I found that someone used my card number to buy almost a hundred thirty dollars’ worth of groceries at a Wal-Mart in Hawthorne, California. I currently live in my college apartment off-campus in southeast Idaho. What tipped me off about the whole ordeal was my dad (who’s back in SoCal) calling me up about the bank giving them a call looking for me. I immediately settled the issue with the bank and cancelled my number. I also called up the Wal-Mart in Hawthorne letting them know that someone used my card number while the actual card was in my possession two states away. Long story short, the matter was looked into and I got refunded the money (I’m also now waiting for my new card to arrive).

At the time I post this, I just finished viewing YouTuber “AngryJoe” Vargas‘ video titled “Top Ten Controversies of 2014.” They ranged from topics between the controversy surrounding genocide simulator Hatred and the ridiculous #GamerGate “scandal” or whatever the hell it was. I don’t know a whole lot about it because I didn’t give a crap about that bit of drama. That’s all it really was: drama. Over nothing. In the end it was nothing!

As much as I found a lot of the topics to be rather enlightening, in the end it was a video I could not give a like to, I had to give it a thumb down. In fact, I wish he could have done away with the politics altogether and just talk about what the idiotic movement was about. Give the damn facts instead of giving your own two cents about it for the next twelve minutes. The last bit of the video after talking about his top controversy was all just a waste of time, to be brutally honest, and if Joe wanted to get political about GamerGate, he should make a separate video about it.

Personally, I don’t think GamerGate was all that big a deal. It’s only a thing when you go looking for it. And what’s up with people using the “-gate” suffix to describe a scandal? I get it’s all because of Nixon and Watergate, but Watergate was the name of the hotel! You can give these scandals and controversies the same treatment if you look at other major scandals by other Presidents! Look at the Patriots these past few weeks: DeflateGate. Zoe Quinn’s boyfriend goes crazy and a ridiculous irrelevant movement springs to life: GamerGate. Resorting to the use of “-gate” to describe a controversy just goes to show that creativity in journalism is going down the crapper.

I would keep going on this, but I’ve already been up a long time as it is (presently it’s twenty minutes to five o’ clock in the morning). And I have stuff to work on in a few hours after I sleep because I have a lot to do before midnight today. Keep vigilant and I will get something out soon.


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