All-Nighter! Yeah!!

Last night was a great night to kick things off for this semester. At 9:00 MST, for five bucks anyone was able to stay all night at my local hang-out place (GamePulse), playing League of Legends or whatever. I played a few rounds of League but eventually went over to StarCraft II with one of my friends who was browsing through the arcade. Man the arcade has a lot of cool stuff to do, we played a map called “Plan B” where the objective was to take a small team and push the continuous stream of Zerg back in order to kill four Guardians (all Primal Zerg). It was tough going and between the two of us, it took us about two and a half hours to get even halfway through before we decided to start over in order to let a third guy join in. We ended up beating the map in the same amount of time. We capped off the night with an FPS map called “Infested Insallation.”

A first-person shooter.

In StarCraft.

It was a total blast, being able to see the fight from the troops’ point of view (we all picked Marine because we were playing the map for the first time). I liked the map so much, I bookmarked it to my account. It’s awesome how many cool ideas that people come up with for games like StarCraft or Trials Fusion or other games where using the editor program allows you to make a game inside of a game (Game-ception!!). Alright, then, that’s enough out of me for a while. Gotta get back to homework.

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