Still Slithering

I swear I’m not dead, I promise. I’ve just been incredibly busy lately, since I have two jobs for the holiday season and can only find time to game when I can. Truth be told, though, I haven’t really been able to finish any of the games I’ve recently acquired. I’ve bought a strategy game that I can’t run because the graphics in-game failed (Emergency 4 aka 911: First Responders), a puzzle game that I’m getting all perfectionist over (Cogs) and it’s driving me nuts, and another puzzle game that’s really a mini-game for an upcoming first-person puzzler (Sigils of Elohim, a free game that serves as the lock mechanisms for The Talos Priniciple). On top of that, I’m privately exploring an RPG in development I’ve sunk a lot of time into quite recently (I will not go further into details about this one, hence why I said “privately”).

Additionally, I’m heading back to school starting January for another frozen winter semester (fingers crossed so I don’t freeze my tail off…or my head, for that matter). Time for this serpent to shed his slacker skin and get crap done in the coming academic months. Next summer, though, I might consider getting in touch with my voice coach (Crispin Freeman, if any of you know anime) on tips to putting my demo reel together, along with a possible coaching session. It isn’t cheap, and since voice acting is something I really wanna do, I treasure each opportunity I get, thus Crispin’s online class was awesome when I had it back in October. I may also get in touch with Karen Strassman on Twitter for additional pointers. These guys in voice over are so nice when helping aspiring people like me.

That’s the update for now. Keep gaming, Fang Gang, and I’ll be back with another post soon.

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