Infinite Crisis Got an Overhaul

I’ve been keeping watch on Turbine, Inc. ever since they announced that they would be teaming up with WB to bring us a superhero-themed MOBA.  When I discovered that Infinite Crisis would be a reality, I signed up for the closed beta and sure enough, I was sent an access key the second week they went public with the closed beta (I refer to us players by week, thus I am a Second Wave-er).

Earlier this summer, they announced that they would cease producing more content until this month’s update, a wait of roughly three months.  Understandably, it put off a lot of players, common and professional alike (as I mentioned in my first post).  As of last week, the September update has gone live and the overhaul the game has received has been well worth the wait.  Not only has Turbine improved the game optimization for lower-spec computers (including a graphic update), but they’ve also vastly improved the game’s tutorial and given players a great incentive to play through the tutorial in its entirety.  The basic tutorial is divided into three parts, along with the addition of a new 1v1 practice map (Crime Alley, where Batman’s parents were gunned down by Joe Chill) and co-op games versus bots on Gotham Heights (League of Legends‘ counterpart for the Dominion game mode) and Gotham Divided (the classic three-lane map, but horizontally oriented instead of diagonally).  Finishing the entire tutorial, along with playing every co-op map once will let new players unlock six champions for free.  In my opinion, that’s a better deal than just throwing you into the game until you can permanently unlock one’s first champion with in-game currency (ring a bell, League players?).

I still have some issues with balancing (I don’t care what anyone says, Atomic Poison Ivy is vastly overpowered), but otherwise, the game has come a long way since closed beta, especially since this update came with two new champions from alternate universes, Nightmare Robin (Assassin) and Atomic Joker (Marksman).  The game plays similar to League of Legends, but this is with heroes and villains from DC Comics.  Sign up and play for free with my referral and feel free to add me as a friend in-game.


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