Most Popular Game…At What Cost?

League of Legends is arguably the most popular online game in the world, and a lot of you would be right about that.  A DotA-like strategy game that’s been made as simple as possible would be something that people everywhere would love.  Every game, though, has its share of problems.

Most recently, I got hit with a Leaver status after they apparently decided to run live maintenance while tens hundreds of thousands of players are in live matches.  This morning at approximately 10:05 and 11:05 AM, respectively, their very poorly timed live maintenance dropped me from both matches that I was in at both times of the day.  I got disconnected entirely from the match, as the dreaded “Attempting to Reconnect” window lingered on my screen.  At the time, I thought it was my wi-fi connection, so I manually reset my connection to the network.  Both times, I tried returning to the match and both times, I got informed that the match was over.  What was even worse was that the second time, I manually pressed “Reconnect to chat” on the main lobby window only to fail to reconnect again and again and again.

And then it kicked me out the client entirely.

I understand that sometimes Riot Games and other developers of MMOs need to run maintenance on the servers, but at least for Riot, they ought to have regularly scheduled downtime on their servers for that instead of leaving their Leaver Buster system in place while they screw a lot of players over for interrupted service.  It would annoy a lot of players but at least nobody would suffer in a similar manner that I did by getting kicked off of a match!  I already responded with a support ticket explaining the situation and how their live maintenance was the cause of my supposed “leaving,” but I’m not really expecting much to come from this.  I’ve been annoyed with them before, but this is inexcusable.  I’ve almost had it with the Rioters and unless I get my Leaver status removed, I will be utterly dissatisfied with their “service” and will begin leaving bad rating across the sites I review on (Metacritic and MMORPG, to name a couple).  You done goofed, Riot, and you goofed really bad.


3 thoughts on “Most Popular Game…At What Cost?

  1. If you are looking for a different MOBA, check out Chaos Heroes Online. It’s a new game so if you get in on it now, you’ll be a top player in no time.


  2. I’ve been with Turbine, Inc.’s Infinite Crisis since May 2013 (second week of closed beta, I was lucky enough to be sent a key) and with their new September update, the game’s better optimized for min spec computers. More on that in a future post.


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