Travel Plans…More Like Dreams

So, as the League of Legends World Championship draws closer, I’ve suddenly had the idea to see if I can travel to South Korea in two months to see the final matches of the tournament.  I’ve had previous travel plans in tentative measure (which were to return to Brazil to see the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016), but at the moment I’ve had the longing to go elsewhere just to get away from the repeated hum-drum of living at home day after day until I return to college.  Seeing as how someone very high up the political ladder decided our economy wasn’t bad enough, the cost of travel has since become somewhat of an annoyance due to how inflated the US dollar has become.  Riot Games has already posted ticket schedules and pricing but there’s already a problem: the ticket prices are for local currency only, so you’ll need a converter to see exactly how much ticket prices for the Summoner’s Cup are.  Factor that in with travel and lodgings and you’ll likely be shelling out several hundred dollars.

I wish I had that kind of money so I could attend the event.  The funny thing is my birthday’s smack dab in the middle of October so that would also be a good birthday gift to have.  I think I need to get out more, so why not a trip to South Korea to see the pros in action?  The initial plans are great, but the overall cost of being there makes my plans into just dreams.  Dreams that I wish could be fulfilled over the next couple of months.


3 thoughts on “Travel Plans…More Like Dreams

  1. Have you actually put the ticket prices into a converter? The most expensive ticket available (the priciest ticket for the finals) is 54 USD. The Quarterfinal tickets won’t be more than 18 USD. I wouldn’t dismiss the dream as unobtainable just yet.


    • I know that, as someone on the League of Legends forums already did the calculations for ticket prices. Note that I also said that the cost would also likely include travel and lodgings (air ticket and hotel room). So overall expenses would be a lot higher than just the tickets for the event alone.


  2. Look for hostels, not hotels. Airfare is going to be the least flexible of the three, but the sooner you get on it, the cheaper it will be. Hostels are looking like 20-40 bucks a night, that’s saving a ton of money right there.

    Don’t give up on the dream, man. Fight to make it a reality


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