On Trolling Little Kids

Today as I hang in my room, still feeling sick from yesterday and the day before, I decided to poke around YouTube this afternoon to rewatch some funny videos from Adam “SeaNanners” Montoya.  I noticed some trolling videos that some community channel puts up from Minecraft (Xbox 360 Edition) and the stuff I see on there, although they’re originally meant to be funny, are actually quite shocking.  Personally, I think trolling is best done with your friends if they can laugh it off and probably get you back later for it (as most friends do).  However, these videos were done by guys who pull crap like this on total strangers (or friends of friends…pretty much close enough).  Trolling isn’t trolling if nobody else is laughing.  It just shows that you’re a douche bag.  There’s also another thing to consider when you find out who the victim is: a little kid.

One such trolling video involving a little kid was between a guy (apparently named Willie), who was recording the video for the channel videogames, and a six-year-old boy (who apparently knows Willie, as he calls the guy by his RL name).  The kid is struggling with the controls of the 360 game pad and his frustration shows throughout the video while Willie pulls all manner of pranks on the kid, most of them involving lighting the kid on fire or drowning him in lava.  The kid begs Willie to stop (even yelling at him several times) but the guy keeps right on “trolling” him.  The video ends when the mom is heard on the kid’s end saying “Okay, that’s it. We’re done.”  It’s clear that all the six-year-old wanted to do was learn how to play the game but Willie had other ideas.  He gave the kid a hard time in the name of “trolling,” but as far as anyone who knows kids is concerned, this is practically bullying, as Willie was doing it purely for his own enjoyment.  To top it all off, he posts the recorded footage to YouTube as a comedic video!  This is despicable!

As I read through the comments section of the video, a lot of people (I assume all are guys) said that the kid was “a retard,” “stupid,” “an idiot,” etc.  You can tell those dudes are gonna have kids of their own, right? [/sarcasm]  That channel (videogames) is filled with Minecraft videos where grown guys (assumed to be teens or young adults) bully little kids by pulling all manner of pranks just to grief them in-game.  They’re only little kids so they aren’t at the point to understand that kind of humor yet!  Do you seriously think this is the way to teach them how to develop a sense of humor, being a dick to younger players?  Every time I watch these sorts of videos, I have to give ’em all a downvote.  It’s not comedy, it’s bullying in it’s near-purest form.


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