A Cold-Blooded Welcome and Infinite Crisis Woes

First off I want to say that this blog is just a jumble of thoughts and other crap about games across the ages that I’ve played or heard about.  As such, I want to welcome you, the reader, to the Scaly Burrow.  Mainly, the stuff I write about is just what I think regarding certain games that I’ve been (luckily) able to get my hands on, mainly through Steam (because VALVe is an awesome company).

I’ll be writing reviews and previews about some upcoming games (I won’t be covering all of them…sorry, but I’m not looking to go pro with gaming news, that’s what major sites like IGN are for 😀 ) as well as mainly opinionated posts about industry news and games I’ve recently played.  Thus far my preview ratings are Hide (as in Hide Under a Rock), Use Caution, and Bask (in the Light).  My review ratings go on the usual 1-10 scale, but I’ve also given them some appropriate labels that I’ll reveal in a later post.


And now to some fairly recent news.


I decided to go poking around the forums on a MOBA I’ve been with since the very beginning of the closed beta (Infinite Crisis…think League of Legends with DC Comics characters), and I stopped by the Announcements page.  Evidently, the development team at Turbine (same company behind Asheron’s Call and Lord of the Rings Online) has decided to not release any new champions for the next two months, focusing instead on patches and balancing, along with an updated UI.

The response to this news has been overwhelmingly negative.  Evidently, as pointed out on the forums by pro player Chris “Supreme” Beam of Kelevra Gaming’s Syndicate team, the game’s been on a decline due to the overall clunkiness of the game.  The champion releases have been going one at a time for the last few months at an interval of roughly six weeks apart, almost all of the pro teams have backed out of the competitive scene, and it seems like the lack of interest has driven many players back to the more popular MOBAs that are dominating the industry.  This is especially the case for Defense of the Ancients 2, which is currently in the middle of The International, VALVe’s World Championship event held in Seattle, WA, for their globally known title.

Personally, I haven’t been able to play IC at all in the past few months and I’ll explain why.  In the beginning, the game’s build was totally fine on my laptop.  I could run the game on good graphics with the rare hiccup in connectivity.  Now, after all the updates (so far), that I’ve downloaded, I’m forced to resort to dropping the graphics level all the way down to keep the game’s choppiness under control.  I don’t really care too much about the state of the game right now because I’m not able to play it as much as I want to, but in spite of all the fire the dev team is taking from the general player community, taking a breather for two months (as far as champion development goes) is at best a crap shoot, and a total flop at worst.  I love IC, especially after naming Atomic Green Lantern my favorite champion to play as (Green Lantern is my all-time favorite superhero), so if the game does go permanently under, it probably will leave a hole in my gaming heart, much like what happened to my favorite superhero MMORPG, City of Heroes.  The difference here, if it happens, will be that CoH was forced to close by the publisher (I still think it was because they wanted to rush Guild Wars II out the door), whereas IC may shut down due to a failing player base.  I certainly hope the latter won’t be the case over the next two months, but we’ll see what happens.


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